I am at the retirement age of 67.  Have I retired from photography? NO.  The past 3 years I have contemplated it.  Business is such now that we’re making money and also have the time to travel.  It’s working well.

Recently I have been getting email posts from Great Escape Publishing regarding making money publishing travel articles for all types of publications.  Being a contributing photographer to REFEREE Magazine I have some knowledge of this opportunity.  Publications get their material from people who market themselves, have an interest in the subject matter and other sources.

Being a professional photographer is a large selling point for publications.  My wife and I travel quite a bit, on cruises, tours, road trips etc.  We may contemplate an RV lifestyle. I am sure between us we could produce interesting articles, with photos, publications will want.

In 1989 after some solicitation Motorhome Magazine contacted me about photos of Kolob Canyons, a section of Zion National Park not accessible from the main park but the entrance is about 50′ off Interstate 15.  We took the trip in August with a broken down air conditioning unit, broke in Newhall, on the way out.  I photographed Kolob Canyons with medium format (6x45mm) transparency (slide) film.  I was paid $500 for the effort.

This is something interesting to me and looks like my wife may be in on it too.  On road trips we’ll take the dogs and maybe mother-in-law (97 years old).  We look to travel this summer to Ogden, Ut to visit nephew, wife and new son to be born in April.  Then we’ll head on to Glacier National Park.  We’ll return by way of Vancouver, Wa to visit a niece, her husband, and new born daughter.

Here are some photos from our 2017 trips.

Bob Messina

Upper Yosemite Falls

Near Happy Isles

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