A couple of weeks ago I photographed a Golden Wedding Anniversary.  The bride is a fellow choir member of my wife.  Temps would be about 112, 1 degree lower than 2 weddings I have photographed in the past.  I kept their photography simple.  
Fortunately I was able to get them and their family group photos done in church prior to the ceremony; they had wanted the photos done outside at the reception with a wall behind them.  
At the reception I came up with an idea of photographing them and their guests as they arrived, coming into the reception. In addition to the normal reception activities, toast, “first” dance (surely!), cake cutting I got plenty of candids so they would know what went on at the reception.  That’s my job.
Coming from the film days, when every shot cost money, they would receive about 350 edited photos in an album which I had ready on Monday and delivered on Tuesday.
For many of you know that I am a photographer. Before you hire that stranger, please contact me. Over the years I have heard the horror stories from people who know me but hire someone else.
Click the zenfolio button for their gallery to see the entire anniversary photos.

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