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Recently we photographed the graduating nursing class at L.A. Pierce College.  20 years ago this semester we introduced instant portraits to the Spring 1998 class at Pierce.  Individuals viewed their images at the session, selected an image for the class composite group photo, then selected image(s) to purchase which we printed, up to 8×10, instantly for them to take home.

Travel and Stock Photography

My wife, Angie, and I are avid travelers.  We have traveled by car/cargo van, cruised 17 times, taken travel tours etc.  I have photos taken on our trips, images are RAW files.  Last year alone we traveled to Texas, Yosemite, Eastern Sierras, two week Viking cruise from Budapest, Hungary to Amsterdam, Lake Havasu, Kaua’i and Orlando Fl.  Other destinations include Italy, the Canadian Rockies, Vancouver, BC, Alaska (last trip in 2016), Hawaii (the big island), Yellowstone/Grand Tetons, Mt. Rushmore/Crazy Horse, SD, Oregon Coast, Northern California, among others.  This year we plan a trip to visit new born grand niece and nephew in Vancouver, Wa and Ogden, Ut respectively.  Included are visits to Glacier and Crater Lake National Parks among others.  Let me know what needs you have and how I can be of service.  My camera equipment is high end professional.  Assignments are always appreciated.  We can write also.

Instant Portraits at Cathedral Mother/Son Dance

Here are some portraits from last nights Cathedral HS Mother/Son Dance at Quiet Cannon Event Center in Montebello, Ca. Each couple got a 5×7 (best pose selected by wife Angie) and 2 wallets of each pose. All kinds of poses used. We set up a complete studio, in this case 3 light setup, at events. Additional portraits can be purchased at the event. Couples went home with their portraits. We can do 8×10’s at events also.
Special offer good for events through August 2018.  1-5×7 (best pose) and 1 wallet each of 4 other poses (4 wallets total) printed on 8×10 paper, suitable for framing.  $45 value for $15/attendee on a prepaid basis for all attendees $750 or 50 person minimum commitment.  Call for details.
6 Photos – View album

High Dynamic Range Photo

I photographed this scene a couple of weeks ago at corner of McBean Pkwy and Newhall Ranch Rd.  Using Photomatix software I created these two images from the 1st Original Image.  Because I shot RAW there is detail in the dark areas that I can extrapolate.  When creating HDR images it is better to take multiple images at different exposures than what I did creating additional exposures from 1 image, one lighter and one darker than the original.

Original Image

What to do in Retirement?

I am at the retirement age of 67.  Have I retired from photography? NO.  The past 3 years I have contemplated it.  Business is such now that we’re making money and also have the time to travel.  It’s working well.

Recently I have been getting email posts from Great Escape Publishing regarding making money publishing travel articles for all types of publications.  Being a contributing photographer to REFEREE Magazine I have some knowledge of this opportunity.  Publications get their material from people who market themselves, have an interest in the subject matter and other sources.

Being a professional photographer is a large selling point for publications.  My wife and I travel quite a bit, on cruises, tours, road trips etc.  We may contemplate an RV lifestyle. I am sure between us we could produce interesting articles, with photos, publications will want.

In 1989 after some solicitation Motorhome Magazine contacted me about photos of Kolob Canyons, a section of Zion National Park not accessible from the main park but the entrance is about 50′ off Interstate 15.  We took the trip in August with a broken down air conditioning unit, broke in Newhall, on the way out.  I photographed Kolob Canyons with medium format (6x45mm) transparency (slide) film.  I was paid $500 for the effort.

This is something interesting to me and looks like my wife may be in on it too.  On road trips we’ll take the dogs and maybe mother-in-law (97 years old).  We look to travel this summer to Ogden, Ut to visit nephew, wife and new son to be born in April.  Then we’ll head on to Glacier National Park.  We’ll return by way of Vancouver, Wa to visit a niece, her husband, and new born daughter.

Here are some photos from our 2017 trips.

Bob Messina

Upper Yosemite Falls

Near Happy Isles

Photo Editing

Base Umpire Made Sharp

These are two of many images taken last Saturday at College of the Canyons. I took another (sharp) image of the base umpire and implanted over the out-of-focus image in these photos submitted to REFEREE MAGAZINE.

Commercial Photography

What types of photography does your company and organization need?  I have 44 years experience and have been in business since 1980.  Services range from headshot portraits, facilities, products, special events, executive portraits, travel and many others.  Please let me know what your future photo needs are and how I can serve you.

Bob Messina

Detail Photography

Modeling Photogaphy

Large Group with our riser system.

Architecture Photography

Architecture Photography

Home Rental Photography

Real Estate Photography

Rental Property Photogrpahy

Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Rental Photos

Real Estate Photography

Commercial Photography

Equipment Photography

Commecial Photgraphy

Warehouse Photography

Production Photography

Commercial Product Photos

Product Photography

Registered Nurse Photo Composite

Portraits & Composite Group

Instant Printing of Portraits at Events

Pismo Beach Sunset PhotoAngie Messina Bob Messina

New Camera System

Before Christmas I made a couple of major business purchases to save on 2017 tax liabilities. After photographing El Camino Real CHS boys basketball team I went to Woodland Hills Camera and bought a new Canon 1dx Mark II camera. A couple of months earlier I purchased a new Canon 70-200L lens to replace a lens Canon says lost its “Life Service” (HA?); oh well another tax deduction.
After purchasing the camera I used the new camera/lens combination to photograph a girls basketball tournament at El Camino Real. I realized the benefit of the new camera. Its highest ISO settings (100-51,200) are more than double my Canon 1d Mark IV (100-12,800). I can set the aperture for more depth of field (area of acceptable focus) and let the camera select the ISO. The grain/pixel/noise is much finer than my 1d Mark IV and 1ds Mark III cameras.
Attached are images I have taken with the Canon 1dx Mark II since purchase.
For the Mass Image no cropping was done
Used Canon 100-400L lens set at 400mm.

Had I photographed this image with my older 1d Mark IV camera, either the official or the players would have been out of focus due to lower ISO (up to 12.500) and f:2.8. I used f:5.6 (up to ISO 51,200) with the 1Dx Mark II; I don’t recall the actual ISO setting the camera selected.

Recent Get Away

A couple of weeks prior to Christmas Angie, her mom, Esther, and I went to Orlando, Fl.  This was a redemption of a timeshare certificate we received for attending a dinner/information event.  Now let me tell you I don’t recommend timeshares.  You can find tremendous vacation values on line without any maintenance fees and the outrageous prices to buy a timeshare.

We had a very nice week though temperatures in Orlando and vicinity were colder than usual, they say coldest in 4 years.  Only on Friday was I able to go short sleeves.  Amazing that Esther, 97 years old, handled 4 full days of being wheeled around 4 parks, Sea World, Epcot, Disney Animal Kingdom and Busch Gardens.  We also dined with friends of Angie’s brother who live in Clearwater & who traveled with us to Kaua’i in August, and our niece’s in-laws who live south of Tampa.  Attached are some photos from our trip.

The following images were taken at a recent nursing portrait sessions.  The sisters brought their dogs to be photographed.  With instant photography we can offer all kinds of photo opportunities.  Cost is nothing in many cases to be photographed.  Cost is incurred when purchasing prints from the session.

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