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Special Occasions Photography

January is the time many are planning this summers special occasions, weddings, bar mitzvahs, quinceaneras, anniversaries, birthdays, reunions and other events.
Not too long ago, at a restaurant, I had a photography discussion with an employee who got married.  They were piecing images of significant people that their photographer failed to photograph. If you’re having a special occasion, please contact me. These occasions are also family reunions; posed group photos are a must necessity. Don’t let a photographer tell you he/she only takes candids/photojournalism images.  
I don’t take 1000’s of images.  I come from the film days when each shot cost $$$.  I know what to look for and capture that moment. 
We also offer instant portraits at your reception/party. Photos taken and delivered to take home from your event. We’re not a photo booth operation.  We set up a complete studio at your reception.  Call for pricing.

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Commercial Photography

What types of photography does your company and organization need?  I have 44 years experience and have been in business since 1980.  Please let me know what your future photo needs are and how I can serve you.

Commercial Executive Portrait

Modeling Photogaphy

Busy Week then We Hit the Road

This is a very busy week for me then we hit the road.
On Monday we photograph graduating nursing students at Pierce College.  Tuesday we photograph Taft HS Cross Country Team. Wednesday we photograph El Camino Real HS Baseball Team.  Monday through Wednesday’s assignments are in Woodland Hills.
Thursday we head to Long Beach City College to photograph the graduating RN and LVN students both Thursday and Friday. 
Friday night we photograph Cerritos College nursing pinning ceremony.  Cerritos and LBCC are neighboring schools.
Saturday we head to Ogden, Ut with Angie’s brother and sister-in-law to visit nephew Chris and family.


Last Sunday was the Alemany Class of 1968 50th Class Reunion.  We did instant portraits for the event.  I enjoyed meeting with classmates.  Over 90 class members came though 42 class members have passed away over the years.  Some classmates couldn’t make it due to physical ailments.  Attached is a couple of grade school class photos taken that evening.

Photographed 50th Anniversary

A couple of weeks ago I photographed a Golden Wedding Anniversary.  The bride is a fellow choir member of my wife.  Temps would be about 112, 1 degree lower than 2 weddings I have photographed in the past.  I kept their photography simple.  
Fortunately I was able to get them and their family group photos done in church prior to the ceremony; they had wanted the photos done outside at the reception with a wall behind them.  
At the reception I came up with an idea of photographing them and their guests as they arrived, coming into the reception. In addition to the normal reception activities, toast, “first” dance (surely!), cake cutting I got plenty of candids so they would know what went on at the reception.  That’s my job.
Coming from the film days, when every shot cost money, they would receive about 350 edited photos in an album which I had ready on Monday and delivered on Tuesday.
For many of you know that I am a photographer. Before you hire that stranger, please contact me. Over the years I have heard the horror stories from people who know me but hire someone else.
Click the zenfolio button for their gallery to see the entire anniversary photos.

Recent Vacation Road Trip

July 4 Angie, I and dogs Maezee and Leo returned from a 17 day, 4300 mile road trip through 7 western states.  We visited nephew and niece, both of whom gave birth to their first children.  We visited several national parks, Zion, Capitol Reef, Glacier, North Cascades and Crater Lake.  We traveled country road, county, state and US highways to see things one would never see on an interstate.  Traffic on country roads can be as fast as interstates but you see so much more, you just don’t speed in the towns whose speed limits are generally 25 mph.  Attached are some photos from our trip.  Notice I have some people, ie family members, as part of my photography.  Enjoy.

Religious Photos

We are now in the middle of 1st Communion and Confirmation season.

Today we start 1st Communion portraits at St. Euphrasia Catholic Church in Granada Hills, Ca. We will photograph every afternoon and early evening through Thursday. Their 1st Communion Masses (3) are Saturday.

We also photograph 1st Communions and Confirmations at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Newhall and Confirmation at St. Bernardine of Siena in Woodland Hills.

For OLPH in Newhall we also offer family portraits for the Spanish families who really take advantage of this service.

Communion Portrait Communion Portrait

Edited Group Photo

At the recent California State Square Dance Convention I photographed the California Heritage Dancers as a group using our riser system.  The background was not pretty.  The convention committee commissioned a couple of scenic panels which I thought would be a useful background for any group.  Unfortunately it did not work out at the convention, so I cleaned up the background with white.  Here is what I had to deal with, what I did at the convention then what I intended created a couple of days ago.

Original Image

What they purchased

What I intended to create at the Convention

What I had intended to create

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