There are many people with cameras who will offer to provide photography service. Many are amateurs, unemployed looking for income, parents and others. While many may be capable, there is so much more that picking up a camera.

Last Saturday night, I photographed a reunion for one of the companies which puts together reunion packages. I was taking photos for the memorybook. After setting up my mini studio and checking the system, I had problems with the studio strobes synchronizing with both cameras. Using a radio slave system wasn’t working. I changed batteries, did not work. Again tried this with both cameras. I hardwired the strobes to the cameras, still had problems. I would take one or two images, blank. I then unplugged the cable from the camera, plug it back in, it works. I had to do this several times before the system finally worked. I did get everyone photographed.

An amateur or unseasoned pro would have panicked under this type of situation. Also how many weekend photographers have backups? Also consider there is more to the photography business than pushing a shutter. If you hire a weekend photographer, is he/she insured in case of a problem, accident or lost images? Does he/she have a state resale license and are they charging/paying sales tax on their sales? They may pay their lab the sales tax on the lab’s service but they still owe on sales to you, their client.

When the economy turns around, many of these weekend photographers will find gainful employment and not be around. They’ll discover there is more to this photography business than pushing a shutter. They’ll decide the cost of time and materials is not what it’s cracked up to be.

We professional photographers have the experience and equipment, with backups, to provide the quality service you want. Many of us educate ourselves in our craft through conferences, seminars, organizations such as Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI), Sport and Event Photographers (SEP) and other trade organizations, whether local or national. I attended this year’s PPA/SEP convention in San Antonio, Tx. While I am not certified certification is a marketing tool to show the photographer’s commitment to his/her craft and education.

My experience is almost 40 years and I have provided photo service in a variety of markets. My service is on location in an environmental or studio setting, from action to weddings. Do I service every possible nitch? No, but over the years I have photographed many types of needs.

If I can be a service to your photographic need please consider me to meet your need.

Thank you,
Bob Messina

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