A Message from a long time client

We got this message from a long time nursing client whom we had booked their dates then they decided to go with a photographer/company offering digital files.  At Tuesday’s SCV Photographers meeting the guest speaker, a wedding photographer, talked about photo prints being “GRANDMA’S” way of seeing digital files.

This company’s price range is $65-$199, well more than we charge and we print images at the session to take home.

“I’m very sorry for how this year turned out. We were all extremely disappointed with the “photographer” that the students chose to use this year (all events moving forward are student-organized). Not only was the whole process unprofessional and inconvenient, but the complaints I am having to handle regarding the quality and lack of care this photographer provided are overwhelming. I have attached the pricing sheet that students were provided. We are trying to convince the students next year to have a group shot only since organizing the students and scheduling the photographer this year was a disaster.
“Again, I am very sorry for how things went this year. I was overthrown by our Chair and students and am embarrassed by how things unfolded. I hope that you understand that the decision had nothing to do with you personally. Hopefully things turn out better in the future for both our students as well as your photography business.
“I hope you have a great day.”

A Couple of Photos of Downtown L.A.

Here are a couple of photos of Los Angeles taken the last couple of weeks.  The gloomy image was taken driving I-10 in East L.A..  The sunny image was taken from Dodger Stadium.  I hand held the camera over a chain link fence.

Gloomy Downtown L.A.

I took this photo of Downtown L.A. driving westbound I-10, San Bernardino Fwy, coming home from a photo assignment in Alhambra.  Photo taken with Canon 1ds, Mark III with 24-105 lens which I just got back from CPS repair, broken zoom mechanism.  Image edited in Adobe Lightroom.

Recent Rains

Below are photos I took following heavy rains.  Two Images were taken at the same location, on a hill above our neighborhood, one in the morning following 4 days of rain and the other in the afternoon, yesterday, after the rain stopped.  Post rain is a great time to get photos.  Air is clear and crisp and puffy clouds add to the scene.

I am also adding two images taken recently prior to and following photographing soccer at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks.  The tree branch scene is from the stadium at sunset and the other is the full moon rising over Moorpark, Ca.


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