Today, I photographed some quilts for a consistent client who enters her quilts in competition.  These quilts are destined for a competition in Finland.  At the request of my client I cannot show her quilts.

Photographing artwork is more than taking a camera with a strobe and photographing the piece. I use 2 softened studio lighting, set at a 45 degree angles to the piece.  I set my camera’s ISO to 100, set the aperture to f:16 or smaller opening for maximum depth of field (everything in focus).  I manually focus on the piece zooming in to the artwork to get the best focus then backing out to compose the image.  I take at least two images.  I did bracket the exposure, using f:16 as a base and also using f:18 and f:14.  My client like the results of f:18 images better.

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