Knowing I am a photographer but hiring a stranger.

I posted the following on Facebook 4 years ago.

A fellow parishioner came to me regarding experiences with her son’s wedding photographer which she said was not good. How many people know what I do but call on a stranger to provide photography services.

To my followers, I do photograph weddings, mitzvahs, and quinceaneros. My experience goes back to the film days, so I don’t take 1000’s of images. I know how to budget photo ops. Also I am more traditional. These events are also family reunions so posed groups and individuals are a must. I can get all the “photo-journalism” candids to let you know what happened during your day. My rates start at $2500 for an 8 hour wedding; $3000 for 2 photographers.

Why Posed Photos are Important for Special Occasions

For special occasions my photography style is both posed and candid coverage.  Weddings, Barmitzvahs, Anniversaries, Birthdays and similar occasions are also family reunions. Family members come from near and far to join the celebration.  It’s imperative that posed photos of families and other significant people be taken. One never knows how long a significant family member or friend may be with us.  I saw this at a wake of my sister-in-law when our niece, her daughter, was looking at her parents’ wedding album and seeing photos of family members no longer living.

Candidly my goal is to show the couple or others what went on during their celebration.  Surely they won’t remember everything in their minds. Photography, and video, are ways to preserve those precious moments.  We can offer video services also through associates.

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