Recently I photographed a series of group photos for a school client.  I used my group riser system.  Please note how I used the risers to get the most of each group photographed.
The major key to large group photography is manually focusing and large depth of field.  Manually I focused on someone in the second or third row, never the first row.  These images were taken at ISO 100, f:14, 1/200 sec using two Photogenic 600 watt second strobes on full power to fill shadows.  Photos were taken between 9:30 and 10:15am.  Sun was behind us.
For these two groups you see how I used my risers system.  I used my entire riser system to capture everyone.  My riser system is 5 sections wide and 4 steps high (16″).  I could add a front row sitting on the ground.  My system will accommodate up to 125.  I can rent a system to accommodate larger groups.  Also one of our photographers has a drone to photograph groups from the air.
This Group I placed each row on consecutive steps on the risers.
This Group I placed each row on alternating steps on the risers.   I could spread the group out but if ordering 8×10 format prints the group will fill more of the image.  Same would apply to the group above.

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