“Lock Bridges”

In Salzburg, Austria and other places on our recent cruise we came upon “Lock Bridges”. Couples place engraved locks on the bridges and throw away the key into the river. Last night I observed locks on McBean Pkwy’s bridge over I-5. I have seen the locks on the bridge but did not think much of it until last night walking home from the Valencia Marketplace concert. Where do the couples throw the key?


Use of Long Lens on our Viking European River Cruise

On our recent Viking River Cruise I lugged around a Canon 50d with a 100-400L lens on a monopod. People wondered if I would get a back and neck ache. No I did not. Here are images I took with that camera setup. Notice telephoto lenses compress background with subject matter. For many of the indoor photos I used a slow shutter speed, as slow as `1/25 sec.  That violates a basic photo rule of matching shutter speed to lens focal length.  Enjoy.


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