Funning things can happen at any type of event.

At our nephew’s wedding last week I captured photographically the bride’s family dog pooping right behind them and my wife picking up the mess. Also after the vows and first kiss, Kassandra places a ball and chain to Chris’s ankle. Chris also had the idea of using a football to throw the garter. Unfortunately the garter was left at their home and no one had a ball to throw a makeshift garter.

The hired photographer was not in position for the poop episode. I was in the back and used my 70-200mm lens to capture the episode.






New Poses and Summer Plans

Recently I photographed 1st Communion portraits for a local parish. Using a small stool my dad had I created some new poses for these young children.

Summer is now arriving and for us this is a slow time of the year. I do have 2 weddings booked in June and nursing graduation portraits for a private school school scheduled in July. In addition to the booked weddings, we have two family weddings, one this coming week in Utah for a nephew and one in August for a niece near Yosemite. I am not the official photographer, I want to enjoy their experience, though I will take candid photos. Later in August many family members will do a land/cruise excursion on Pricess Cruises to Alaska. We are celebrating significant birthdays and anniversaries including Angie and my 40th anniversary.

Bob Messina





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