Lost of a Father


Thursday night my Dad passed away, joining my mother and brother.

I had just finished photography in Torrance when my sister called telling me she got a call from Belmont Senior Living that Dad was in the final stages or transition. I drove directly to Thousand Oaks, picking my wife up at a park and ride in Encino, she coming from choir practice. When we arrived the hospice nurse filled us in to his condition, that he was in a transitional state toward death. My sister, her husband, my wife and I were in his room reminising and Angie would sing hymns.

Brother-in-law, Rick, told us that on Sunday Dad had stated he was going home soon. My sister took it differently feeling he want to leave Belmont and go back to his home, which is up for sale. She even commented that Dad would be his old self the next morning, but the nurse shook her head “no”.

Dad had not slept the prior two nights and had gotten cranky. He had eaten a good breakfast that morning. The nurse also told us she had seen a “vision”, probably my mother, on his wall a couple of days earlier.

Late in the evening the nurse wanted to turn him in bed, suggesting we not witness it. Angie and I decided to leave. I went to him, told him it was OK to go now and be at peace then I kissed him goodbye.

We left, and made a wrong turn on the freeway, forgetting we had to go back and get my van. After making a u-turn at the next offramp, we get another call from my sister telling us Dad had passed. We went back.

I can say it was a very positive and peaceful ending to his life.

This is my first experience of dealing with death on a personal level.

Funeral and burial is on Wednesday.

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