On Location Studio Lighting

The vast majority of my photography services are performed on location. I do not work out of a home or leased/rented studio. Our motto is “Your Location is Our Studio”. When I do indoor studio portraits I have to work with the space and environment presented me. In setting up the studio I try for a 3 light setup, a main light, a fill light (fills in shadow side of the subject), and a hair light. Sometimes I get very lucky. Note the two images below. I am using the plexiglass room light covering to reflect my strobe light on to the subject. Most of the time I aim the light to the ceiling or use a light on a stand with a soft box to the side and rear of the subject. I include a portrait sample to show the affects of this lighting, note the light on the subjects’ heads, taken at Citrus College in Azusa for their nursing class.



Raw Files Creation

The two images below, one original and the other High Dynamic Ranged, were taken in Joshua Tree National Park in February as part of an outing with some members of the Santa Clarita Valley Photographers Association. Before creation in Photomatix 4, I took the original RAW file, and made one image well underexposed and one well over exposed. Angie and the dogs are in the original RAW file though you cannot see them. That’s the advantage of shooting everything RAW; you have all the image information available to work with. With jpegs, which most people shoot and cameras are set at, the image compression eliminates most of that information.

This original RAW image was taken manually so I could get great sky detail. I used a polarizer on the lens to deepen the sky.

Ideally I should have taken 3 separate images, one at correct exposure, one overexposed and one underexposed, with camera set on a tripod. However trying to keep Angie and the dogs still for 3 images would have been impossible. Again another advantage for shooting RAW.



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