NASO offers your organization speakers for your special occasions.

The National Association of Sports Officials, which I am a member, as well as contributing photographer to REFEREE MAGAZINE (20 covers since 1982), offers a speakers bureau to provide speakers related to sports and officiating for your organization.

Most of you probably don’t know I officiated 5 sports at mostly the high school and major college level from 1970 to now, with some time off. I have umpired professional baseball, Major College Baseball (Pac 10 and NCAA Division II CWS), 3 State JC Championships, 11 CIF baseball (6 L.A. City and 5 Southern Section) finals, Olympic baseball tuneup games and 1 CIF,SS football final. Other sports included basketball (20 years), softball and volleyball. Currently I am umpiring with Hart Pony League and Simi Valley Youth Baseball.

At times I have published exerpts from former NFL Referee Jim Tunney and his Tunney Side of Sports through my Constant Contact blogs. Speakers of his caliber are available for your meetings, social events and other occasions.

The NASO Speakers Bureau exists to reach outside of the officiating industry and present officials in the best light possible, educating corporations, associations and other large organizations about the life skills officiating teaches each of us – leadership, integrity, courage, decisiveness, judgment and mental toughness.

Whether it’s a corporate seminar, a keynote address for an organization, a conference, retreat or workshop, an NASO speaker is available with a wide variety of topics to choose from.

Imagine the entertainment and valuable takeaways provided by such officiating industry luminaries as Fox Sports analyst Mike Pereira, NFL referee Ed Hochuli, NBA official Joey Crawford or retired NHL referee Terry Gregson.

If you would like a speaker or want additional information, contact NASO either through me or or their website, Please mention I referred you.

Photographing that Special Occasion

January seems to be the month brides and grooms commence seeking vendors to service their special wedding days. I get people asking if I photograph weddings. Also I hear from people who know me and what I do but hire a stranger to photograph the special day and they tell me the horror stories regarding photography.

While I do a variety of photographic services I still will photograph weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, quinceaneros, anniversaries and similar special occasions.

I come from the film days and know how to budget time and images. I don’t take 1000’s of images to edit to a manageable number.

I look at these special occasions also as family reunions, with family members coming afar to join in the celebrations. While many photographers push or say they only take candid/photojournalistic images, I believe group and individual portraits are a necessary part of the coverage service. One never knows how long Uncle Tom, Aunt Jane, Grandma or Grandpa will be with us.

I recall when my sister-in-law died 10 years ago, the day after Christmas, also my father’s birthday, at the wake my niece was looking through her grandparent’s copy of her parent’s, my brother, wedding album. There were images of aunts and uncles on my side of the family who had passed on. That’s part of what we photographers document at the special occasions.

Also I follow a tenet used in sports officiating, which I have done for over 40 years, that the best official is one no spectator knew was there. I try to follow that philosophy when photographing special occasions; capture the moments when no one knows you are there. Of course when necessary we are there to assist in any way with the significant people.

If you have clients seeking experienced, professional photography, please consider me and 1st Image Photography.
Thanks for doing business with us.


Bob Messina
1st Image Photography
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Recently I took a series of photos of this sunset west of my home. I combined 3 images to create this panorama.

To get this type of photo every setting needs to be manual. Auto settings changes the exposure. Using Total Program, Shutter priority or Aperture priority will lighten the sky and make the foreground trees less black. Using manual settings I expose for the sky. Also I shot these images RAW so I have all the information the camera gave this image to work with.

I could have placed the camera on a tripod and took a series of images, one with correct exposure, another a stop or 2 over exposed and others a stop or 2 under exposed. Using a program like Photomatix, I then combine the 3 sets of images to create a High Dynamic Range image, with each image contributing details not easily scene in the other images.
The World Trade Center image below is a HDR image however I did not take 3 separate images. I took the original RAW file and made an image 1 stop over exposed and another 1 stop under exposed and combined the 3.
Sunset Panorama

Architectural Photography

Architectural Photography

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