Here are more of the Ventura high tide/surf shots taken last Friday morning. These were taken with my 24-105L lens, with polarizer, on a Canon 1d, Mark IV camera. The previous photos were taken with a Canon 50d with a 100-400L mm lens.

High Surf in Ventura-0104

High Surf in Ventura-0036

High Surf in Ventura-0044

High Surf in Ventura-0053

High Surf in Ventura-0059

High Surf in Ventura-0061

High Surf in Ventura-0078

High Surf in Ventura-0085

High Surf in Ventura-0087

High Surf in Ventura-0101

High Surf in Ventura-0103

High Surf in Ventura

I got up at 5am to drive to Ventura hoping to capture images of surfers and the high surf. I saw two with surf boards but they did not go out. I took these between sunrise at 7am and 9am. Authorities closed the pier. Not only was there high surf, the tide was at maximum right up to and in spots overwhelming the walkway behind the beach. Needless to say there was little beach.

Ventura High Surf-8099

Ventura High Surf-8110

Ventura High Surf-8118

Ventura High Surf-8121

Ventura High Surf-8124

Ventura High Surf-8125

Ventura High Surf-8127

Ventura High Surf-8133

Ventura High Surf-8153

Ventura High Surf-8155

Ventura High Surf-8165

Ventura High Surf-8194

Ventura High Surf-8207

This Past Weekend

This past weekend we photographed a company holiday party through New Directions Event Planning of Simi Valley for Meggitt Control Systems, Inc. at the Sheraton Universal Hotel on Saturday night. Then Sunday morning we photographed Santa with children of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in Newhall. Both were instant photos printed at the session to take home. Many of the Meggitt employees expressed pleasure for our photo efforts.

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