Our Dependence on Technology

Recently I attended a Lunch Mob event sponsored by 25 Score and hosted by Persia Lounge in Newhall.

The guest speaker was Tania Mulry of Charged Living, www.chargedliving.com.

She spoke about our over dependence on technology, especially cell and smart phones. She referenced those born in the 1990’s who have never known life away from these devices. It was interesting to note how many attendees had to look at their devices during Tania’s presentation proving her point.

She told us she teaches a class at USC and one of her assignments is for her students to live without these devices for a week. Think how difficult that would be especially for Millenials.

Cell and smart phone devices are valuable tools when out and about. Like many on social media, does anyone have a life? These devices are making dinosaurs of believe it or not, the telephone.

Last night on the radio, the commentator was asking listeners which is better, texting or speaking with someone on the phone. A person who is deaf talked about texting as a means for them to communicate. Another spoke about communicating on the phone and getting a sense of the other party’s voice language, like body language. You can’t get the other party’s well being by texting.

I have found when running late to an appointment, I call my client. I have found when I let them know I am running late I actually will get to the appointment on time or a few minutes before better than 98% of the time.

However I don’t give everyone my cell phone number. I don’t want to be burdened. I prefer people calling my office or home numbers leave a message which I will return. I will give out my cell number to clients when I confirm their appointment should they need to reach me while I am in transit.

At Lunch Mob I pointed out my busy day, network breakfast, this luncheon and other activities. I had left my cell phone charging in the office. Often I leave the house without it, often annoying my wife. Did I miss it? NO.

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