Composite Photography

1st Image offers composite group and instant printing photography services. Many of our clients are Allied Health Programs, Nursing, Radiography and Medical Assisting. Composite group photos are a collection of individual portraits with subject’s name beneath the portrait. We take about 5 different poses. The client selects an image to be included on the composite. Once selected they will choose pose(s) to purchase which we print at the session to take home. The composite is printed later after everyone is photographed and a proof is sent to assure the selected pose was used and names were spelled correctly. We work with a class/group representative who will set up appointments, distribute our ordering material, distribute the finished composites and other needed activities. They will receive a collage of their poses in appreciation for their efforts.

Any program can avail themselves of our services such as fraternities, sororities, police, fire, paramedics, etc. We also offer titled group photos including group photos with names listed below the group photo.

For programs needing 2×2 passport photos for state board application and licensing two of our 8×10 photo units contain 2-2×2’s.

See attached for samples and additional information.


COC-Sp-2015-CompositeRio Hondo_104 CSUCI_024 Thank-You-Yvette

Heavy Cropping

Take a look at the two images below.  Last week I got an email request from REFEREE MAGAZINE for selective images of baseball play situations.  Since William S. Hart Boys Baseball was hosting 3 Pony league tournaments I thought to get as many images as possible.  Unfortunately the tournament director would not let me on the field.  With REFEREE’s assistance and request, I was given acceptance, per Pony CEO, the next day.  The two photos are the same image.  Because I was shooting RAW, I have all the image information and can heavily crop the image to meet the magazine’s need. Image was taken from about 400′ from home plate, using a Canon 50d camera (1.6 cropping factor) and 100-400mm lens (effective focal length with the 50d imager is 160-640mm). I got several images and play situations from behind the outfield fence.


A25D3398 A25D3398-2

World Trade Center Photos

On our recent trip to New York and New England we spent a day visiting the World Trade Center and 9/11 memorial and museum in NYC.  I show you photos of World Trade Center 1 and 4 on a gorgeous day.  I used a very wide depth of field (f:22) and focused on a leaf of the foreground tree to get the tree and the building in focus.  When photographing buildings, scenery etc. you want as much of the scene in focus.  Therefore as close as you can get to the largest f: number the best results you will get.  That means your len’s aperature opening will be as small as possible. So with your digital camera manually close the lens opening as much as possible then adjust the shutter and ISO settings to match.  How slow a shutter speed will depend on your skill at holding the camera steady if you’re not using a tripod.  I hand held my camera for these shots.

WTC-NYC-2603 WTC-NYC-2628 WTC-NYC-2636 WTC-NYC-2641 WTC-NYC-2678

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