Travel Photos from our Trip

Here are some photos I have taken from our vacation trip to the east coast.  We attended a graduation ceremony at the Merchant Marine Academy at King’s Point, NY and am visiting relatives on my wife, her brother and sister-in-law side.  I made effective use of my Canon 100-400L lens on a 50d camera for maximum distance photos at the graduation.  With the cropped imager of the 50d the effective focal length becomes 160-640mm (1.6x lens focal length).

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Graduation Photos from a Distance

We attended brother-in-law’s nephew’s graduation from US Merchant Marine Academy yesterday.  For you photographers out there, images taken from the stands using a Canon 50d body with a 100-400mmL zoom, equivalent to 160-640mm with camera’s cropped imager. Some  images cropped further in Adobe Lightroom.


IMG_2536 IMG_2556 IMG_2574 IMG_2577 IMG_2592 IMG_2623 IMG_2655 IMG_2659 IMG_2670 IMG_2686

Graduation Photos

5M8I2170 IMG_2347 IMG_2348Recently I have been photographing graduation and pinning ceremonies.  The pinnings are with some of our nursing school clients.  At Long Beach City College last week I will able to photograph graduates being pinned and posed with the pinner for the first time.  In the past this process was so fast I could only photograph the graduate posed with the pinning instructor (they do 2 at a time).  Each school has their way of doing this.  At Cerritos I can get three photos taken, being pinned and posed with two pinning instructors.  At Citrus College a couple of nights ago, the nursing pin is attached to a sash avoiding the family member from having to fumble putting the pin on their loved one.

This week we leave for New York and my brother-in-law’s nephews graduation from the Merchant Marine Academy in Kingsport, NY.  We will explore New England and visit with my wife’s and brother-in-law’s relatives.



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