Artwork Photography

Today, I photographed some quilts for a consistent client who enters her quilts in competition.  These quilts are destined for a competition in Finland.  At the request of my client I cannot show her quilts.

Photographing artwork is more than taking a camera with a strobe and photographing the piece. I use 2 softened studio lighting, set at a 45 degree angles to the piece.  I set my camera’s ISO to 100, set the aperture to f:16 or smaller opening for maximum depth of field (everything in focus).  I manually focus on the piece zooming in to the artwork to get the best focus then backing out to compose the image.  I take at least two images.  I did bracket the exposure, using f:16 as a base and also using f:18 and f:14.  My client like the results of f:18 images better.

Busy Time


Very busy right now with team and individual portraits, nursing and allied health graduation portraits and now entering the sacramental photo season.  At the end of April we will be photographing “pets” for the SCV Signal Newspaper pet calendar contest.  Pets include an Arabian Horse, a turtle and a bird.

This Morning’s Lunar Eclipse

Attached is a photo of this morning’s lunar eclipse.  From my home the moon was not eclipsed, maybe 95+% was.  Event occurred about 5am.  For you photo enthusiasts, exposure was ISO 12,800, 1/80 sec, f:5.6 using a Canon EOS 1d Mark IV body and 100-400mm L lens set at 400mm (equivalent to 520mm with camera’s cropped imager).  Image was additionally cropped in Adobe Lightroom.



Fun Event Photo Shoots

We had some wonderful photography events last week, including Cathedral High School Mother and Son Dance with a 1980’s theme, the mothers really got into, square dancing and three nursing program graduations in southern California.

At Cathedral High School we took two portraits of each Mother and Son.  Angie helped select one pose for a 5×7 instant print and then 2 wallets each of both poses, also printed while they waited.  This was a great opportunity at only $10 plus tax, prepaid through the sponsoring organization and captured for these families to remember.

We then photographed three different nursing programs graduation portraits for CSUN, Ventura and Cerritos Colleges.  At CSUN I photographed an RN, going for her BSN degree, whom I photographed at Moorpark College in 1997, in the film days before digital. It was nice to reconnect with a her again and listen to goals in advancing her career with her BSN degree.

We had lots of fun with all the events, especially at Cerritos where the students really got into buddy portraits.

CathedralMthrSon2015_298 CathedralMthrSon2015_090
RioHondo_209 Bakersfield Fiesta9644 MtnSquares9640

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