What time this photo taken?

What time of day was the Mountain Squares photographed?


Believe it or not well after sunset.  The main light on the group came from three lights on a building at Kern County Fairgrounds (Bakersfield Fiesta).  I used a high ISO setting (12,800) with f:4, 1/60 sec. auto white balance, shot Raw.

Bakersfield Fiesta9644 Bakersfield Fiesta9654

Event Photography is one of our specialties and is always a lot of fun. Contact us to schedule your special event photography


Cathedral HS 80’s Theme Mother/Son Dance

High School Dances are a lot of fun and always bring a lot of excitement and entertainment for our photography events. Cathedral High had an extremely large crowd for their dance so large they had a different location for us to set up which took a little longer than normal.  Theme was the 1980’s and the mothers really got in to it with their costumes.

Mother/Son, Father/Daughter, Family nights and other special occasions are great opportunities for our instant portrait system.  We’re more than photo booth quality.  A complete studio is set up at the event.  For Cathedral I used a four light setup, main, fill, hair and background.

For Cathedral High School I take two images of each couple and my wife, Angie, selects the “best” image for a 5×7 and we print 2 wallets of each pose.  Attendees can purchase additional photos, including the “other” pose at the event.

CathedralMthrSon2015_090 CathedralMthrSon2015_190 CathedralMthrSon2015_298


We had such a busy night, we didn’t get home Saturday morning until 1:45am!

Busy Spring Photography

The Spring is always a busy time of year for photography services with graduation portraits for a variety of allied health and nursing programs, team sports photos and individual portraits, sacramental photography, for 1st Communions and Confirmations, and many other memorable moments in people’s lives.

CSUCI_024CSUCI_041Rio Hondo_104RioHondo_280
Recently we have been photographing many Nursing students and spent most of the week at CSU, Channel Islands BS Nursing in Goleta and Camarillo.  Then two full days of portraits and group photos for graduating RN’s and LVN’s at Rio Hondo College.  This next week we switch to Sports Photography and I will photograph the softball team, baseball team and cheerleaders at Frazier Mountain High School which will be a lot of fun. Then Friday I will be capturing all the fun at the Cathedral High School Mother/Son Dance where we will offer our Instant Printing photography so attendees can take photos home with them that eventing.

CathedralMthrSon2014_0258   CathedralMthrSon2014_0191   CathedralMthrSon2014_0105
One of the important aspects of our photo shoots is to Have Fun! As you see from the photos attached, not all poses are serious. We encourage fun photos and allow retakes which doesn’t cost anything until a purchase is made. With a professional photographer there we can do a lot more than a photo booth and our goal is to create images people will keep a lifetime.

RioHondo   RioHondo_209
f-dA25D7368   f-dA25D7441

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