Mother/Son & Dad/Daughter Events

Mother/Son & Dad/Daughter Events

This is the season for Father/Daughter and Mother/Son special event photography.  1st Image Photography offers Instant Prints, a service enabling attendees to take their photos home from the event.  Photo offerings include an 8×10 unit such as 2-5×7 or 5×7/4 wallets as well as an 8×10, 4-4×5, 8 wallets, 5×7/2-4×5, 2-4×5’s/4 wallets and others.  Additional units can be purchased at the event, also printed immediately to take home.

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Group Photo at the Beach

Photographed Bishop Montgomery HS Varsity Girls Soccer Team today at the beach in 85 degree gorgeous weather. That’s Malibu in the background.BMHS-Soccer

Group Photography

When I photograph groups I want everyone to be in focus.  Therefore I set my camera to an aperature which will give me sufficient depth of field necessary to accomplish that.  Generally I will set the ISO, light sensitivity, to a setting between 320 to 500, that’s based on how big and deep the group is and the power of my strobe(s) I am using to light the group, even outdoors.  I start with an aperature of f:13 which handles most groups of 3 rows.  More rows I will change to smaller openings  of f:14, 16 all the way to 22 if necessary.  Shutter speeds generally are not a factor here unless I shoot outdoors, then I match the shutter speed to the ambient light that exists.  I will manually focus on someone 1/3 into the group, it could be the second, third or fourth row.  I don’t autofocus because I want total control over the process.

RC Chamber Singers La Reina Varsity Tennis 101 9776 Channel Islands Band-Drill North Hollywood Band-Drill Ramona Convent Appassionata Ringers Group Photo San Gabriel Cheer Group Photography

Depth of Field

What is Depth of Field? It is the area of acceptable focus. Take a look at the two images in this blog. The image on the left you can see detail in the background whereas the image on the right the background is very blurry.

Depth of Field Photography Photography Depth of Field

Several factors create depth of field.  First is the lens openning.  Narrow depth of field (image on the right) is created when the lens aperature is wide open, such as f:2.8 if you have an adjustable lens.  The image on the left is the result of a small(er) aperature openning such as f:11, 16, 22 or smaller.  Each f:stop as well as subject to lens distance, the focal length of the lens has an affect on depth of field.  Notice the Vlasic jar in the right image is sharp even compared with the bowl to its left and slight rear; the subject pops out of the image.  The image on the left has both jar and bowl in acceptable sharpness even though the background is still out of focus but does show some detail.

Depth of field really comes into play with sports action, especially in a crowded stadium, when the photographers blur the background in favor of a player in sharp focus.  On the other hand when photographing scenery, you want everything in focus so a small aperature (lens openning) is needed to get sharp detail in the fore and backgrounds.  If using a low ISO, like 100, and you want f:22, it is best to place camera on a tripod as your shutter speed will be slow.

I took the above images with a very high ISO 1250, 1/80 sec, f:4 for the image on the right and f:14 for image on the left. Camera was hand held.

Have a look at some of my Event Photography and Commercial Photography, this technique is great for.

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