Can You Tell the Difference?

Can You Tell the Difference?

Look at the 2 images below.  Can you tell the difference how these images were created?The lighter one is one an amateur photographer would take with all the auto settings, in jpeg. I took this with “PROGRAM” mode on my camera.

The other image was taken in Manual mode on my camera.  I exposed for the setting sunlight.  My meter was virtually non existent for the entire image/scene.  My resolution was RAW mode.

Pismo Beach Sunset Photography Pismo Beach Sunset Photography

Surely in an image editing program, like Photoshop, Lightroom, et al, both images can be corrected but with the camera jpeg image you will lose more image information beyond the amount (could be 3/4 lost to compression) the camera threw away.

With my Raw file,  I will always have all the image information because I will always have that file.  After editing the image, I can save the image a variety of ways, Jpeg (more information retained than from the camera jpeg), tiff, psd, etc.

These images were taken at Pismo State Beach.

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