Vacation and Travel Photography

We will be leaving for Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and Promintory Point, Ut soon.

There will be some side trips also.  As usual we will stay off the Interstates as much as possible. You can see so much more on country roads than the interstates, driving almost as fast as the interstates also, except the hick towns (don’t drive a mile over the posted speed limit). The interstates took most of the truck traffic off country roads.   Hopefully I will get some tremendous travel and nature photography.

Check facebook/1stimagephotography for images.  I would love to photograph a moose to replace the photo in my living room.  When we traveled to Sedona a couple of  weeks ago, I got photos of elk with full racks on their heads in Ash Fork, Az.

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