Winter Solstace Fall Scenes

After church today I walked the dogs through Valencia area communities. While it’s best to take scenic photos in early morning and late afternoons the

winter solstice offers similar photo opportunities mid day since the sun is low in the sky, depending where you live in hemisphere., creating shadows in your images.

Winter Solstace Fall Scenes

Planning Your 2014

I share the following from Terry Crain, CEO of the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Happy Holidays to all!  No matter what your holiday is “tis the season to enjoy good food,  family, friends and festivities!
This is the time of year in our house where we review our annual family plan to discuss as a family where we can improve and where we feel we should be next year.  We feel this is a great exercise for parents and children as it strengthens the family bond and gives everyone a voice.
This is also a great time for business owners to do the same with their teams.  It has been shown that teams who have buy in are more passionate about their jobs and feel valued.  Let me encourage you to to enter into this process with your staff, I think you will find great rewards.

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