Do You Really Need 1000’s of Images?


The past couple of years a niece and nephew celebrated weddings. They were wonderful events.

When I viewed their wedding photographer’s images I noticed a lot of duplication of images. For my niece’s wedding there were 10 images of a dress hanging in a window. When the family photo was taken the photographer took one with flash then a bunch of images with the rapid fire 10 frame’s second. My nephew’s photographer did a wonderful job but she too overdid the images.

Both photographers took weeks to edit images before posting on line. That’s too long.

I come from a film based background. I don’t take zillions of photos to get a good one. In the film days each click of the shutter had a price (cost of film, processing and proofing/printing). I know what I am doing and can do it efficiently. For special events like weddings, posed and group photos are a must, especially with family members and friends coming long distances. There are too many photographers who offer only candid/photojournalistic photography; that’s not providing the entire service. These events are also family reunions, with some family members and friends coming afar to join in the celebration. Posed groups and individual photos/portraits are a necessary element of the coverage.

All of you know I am a photographer, with many years of experience. Techniques used in one venue are applied to other services. Example I can use a 400mm lens at a wedding, especially when the church coordinator restricts where the photographer can go.

Before you consider a stranger to fill a photographic need please contact me first. At least you’re considering someone you know. I invite you to check my website, for samples of my photography.

Thank you for your consideration.
Bob Messina

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