Black & White

Recently I photographed an event for the Catholic Education Foundation through another photographer who booked the event.  The dining portion of the event took place on the 7th deck of a parking structure at an old movie studio.

As day turned to night the artificial lighting was creating a negative effect on those attending.  I had one camera with a flash and another shooting existing, ambient light.  After taking a break for dinner, I decided to set the non-strobed camera to “monochrome” a fancy word for black/white.  Please notice the one color image and the resulting effect by the artificial light.

In shooting black/white your mindset changes.  You must look to see how the light effects the shadows.  I believe if a photographer can grasp black/white, by seeing tones and contrast, shooting color becomes easier.

Bob Messina

Price Quote

Yesterday I got a call for photography and video for a bar mitzvah in August. I don’t do video myself though I have the skill level to handle video. Through an associate photographer who has his own video service, I got his quote, then gave the caller a quote of $2000 for 5 hours coverage.

He responded his budget is $1000. I replied thanking him but $1000 was not within our budgets.

Please realize we’re skilled professionals with many years experience. We also have our budgets, expenses to go along with the experience and expertise to do an excellent job.

I hope this party can find amateurs who may not have backups, skills, education, insurance to provide services.

$2000 is actually cheap. Another associate photographer I use, who also has his own video business, would have charged $1900 for just video.

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