Green Screen Photography

These green screen photos were taken at a surprise birthday party last week. 1st Image Photography offers so much more than the photo booth operations. Our goal is creating images people will keep and not throw away in a few days.

Sense of Value

Today,  a nursing class turned us down for portrait service.  They’re going with a class member referred photographer who is offering a class composite (collection of individual portraits), individual portraits with touchup for $15.  Occasionally nursing classes from this college have contacted us about our services; we have never serviced this school.

A recent graduate of this school, now graduating from CSU, Channel Islands with a BSN degree, who was impressed with our service, said she would refer future classes to our services. This college class representative seemed to want our services but was out voted by the class.

Great Sense of Value

Summertime Needs Photography

Summertime needs photography for events such as weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, quinceaneros, company picnics, high school, college and military reunions.  1st Image Photography Santa Clarita is available to fill those needs.  Special events such as weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, quinceaneros, birthday celebrations are in many ways family reunions, with friends and family members coming long distances to share in the celebration.

Hiring a highly qualified professional photographer to photograph the event is a means to document the event.  Because of the effort to prepare and participate in the event, remembering what went on can only be made by the photographs taken during the event.  I am a believer that group and individual portraits are as much a part of the day as taking many candid photos.  Leaving this job to an inexperienced amateur or family member is not advisable.  There is too much stress during the event.

Last September my niece got married.  They hired a couple from Seattle to photograph the day.  i still took photos but I did not want the responsiblity, desiring to enjoy the day.  While it took their photographers6-7 weeks to post images, I had my images ready in 3 days.

Last June a couple my wife and I knew hired me to photograph their wedding.  I photographed the day and we also took instant portraits at the reception and the guests went home with their portraits.  We set up a studio at the reception, not a photo booth.  Our goal to produce an image people will keep.  Photo booth pictures usually end up in the trash in a few days.

At reunions we will set up our instant printing system, photograph attendees with spouses, friends, buddies etc., in a formal, casual or fun manner.  Images are viewed in seconds and we print orders immediately to take home from the reunion.  Same can apply to company picnics and other events.

Check our website,, and see the services we offer.  We appreciate your consideration for your summertime needs photography.

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