Corporate/Family Portrait

Today, I photographed Rick Montoya and his family at Vivace Spacetron Corp.  Rick is the corporate president.  On Friday Rick hired me to photograph his employees with a space module transporter they developed and built for the private space programs which are developing.
Rick wanted his wife Jovina and daughter Joy photographed with the transporter before shipping to Virginia this week.  The cat is the corporate mascot; I happened to get lucky getting the images below.

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Bob Messina

Commercial Group

Vivace Spacetron hired me to photograph their celebration commemorating the space transport vehicle to be used by private space companies to transport space vehicles and equipment.

Attached is a group photo with the transport in the background and a photo with presidents Dan and Rick inside the transporter.

I saw a concept of the homepage for our new website today and I approve.

Bob Messina

Senior Portraits

Tonight at a mixer a mother approached me regarding senior portraits for her high school senior.  She doesn’t want to do them now because her son has braces.  I told her I do senior portraits on location.  Many of you reading this blog may have high school seniors and have been told by the administration that you must use so & so photo studio, most likely O’Connor Studio if they attend a Hart District school.  This also applies to other schools as well if in the other neighboring valleys.  While you may have to use the school photographer for the year book image, you have total freedom to use any photographer to service your student’s senior portrait needs.

Please understand Senior portraits pay for all the goody freebies contract photographers are required to provide the schools.  8×10′s or 8×10 units can be as high as $70 each.  I charge $25 for 8×10 units.

A few years ago I took a senior portrait seminar at Brooks School of Photography in Santa Barbara, conducted by well known Ohio senior portrait photographer Larry Peters.  Senior portraits are more than just head and shoulder portraits.  I call them “Character Studies”.  Subjects are encouraged to express themselves.  They may use favorite props in their poses.


I did a college senior’s portrait on campus at UCLA.  We came upon a north facing window in a building which produced wonderful lighting on my subject.  I photographed a brother Knights of Columbus daughter at their home in Newhall for her college senior portraits.

This past spring I photographed the daughter of the nursing director at Long Beach City College.  Last fall she complained to me about the senior portraits her daughter’s school portrait photographer took.  I invited her to have me photographed her daughter when  we photographed the nursing students in the spring.  Attached to this blog is a collage of her images.  Mom bought this collage along with other poses which we printed at the session.

Please contact me at (661) 254-4720 regarding our senior portrait services.

Note our website is being redone and not on line at this time.

Thank you for your interest.

Bob Messina

Virtual Tour Photos

I was contacted today by RTV 360 Tours to become an network photographer for their company, servicing parts of the L.A. area.

RTV has been in business since 1999 offering virtual photo tours of Real Estate and other property services. I would come to photograph your facility, or real estate listing, and using their software create a virtual tour online.

I want to know if there is interest in this enterprise for me to proceed and join their organization.

Please contact me at 1st Image at (661) 254-4720, (800) 244-4720 or e-mail

Bob Messina

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